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Produktinformationen "Eat Your Greens! – Plant-Focused Recipes for the Kitchen"
There’s more to a potato than mash. Discover new adventurous ways to prepare a parsnip or how to cook cabbage with this book of more than 800 plant-focused recipes. From boiled beets to roasted radishes, each chapter offers countless simple methods to use a single vegetable. You’ll be swapping boiled carrots for eggplant fried with mint, garlic, and pine nuts faster than you can say “kale.” Get to know your way around the vegetable patch, and be kind to yourself and the planet in the process.

Eat Your Greens! introduces more than 40 vegetables, explaining when they’re in season, how best to store them, and what ingredients they work well with. 

Authors: Anette Dieng & Ingela Persson
Release date: February 2020
Format: 18 × 24 cm, 7 × 9 ½ inches
Features: Full color, hardcover, stitched binding, 188 pages
ISBN: 978-3-89955-999-6

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